Customized packages suitable for a variety of arrangements

  • We can offer many types of hunting in our private hunting area.
  • There is an abundance of small and large game in the forest on the farm. Large game hunting is done in cooperation with three other forest owners to provide a total hunting area of 10 000 acres.
  • Søndre Vassendrud currently has hunting permits for 7 moose in its own area.
  • Larsen Adventure can offer both large and small game hunting experiences. All arrangements are conducted together with local guides. Maps detailing the specific hunting areas are distributed and discussed prior to the hunt. It is also possible to participate as a guest without carrying a weapon yourself. In this case you will be matched with one of the various hunting parties to ensure that you get the most out of the hunting experience. This can be done with both large and small game hunting.

    Those that do want to hunt must have their own weapon, weapon permit, hunting licence and proof that they have successfully completed the shooting test for the current year (the last condition applies only to large game hunting).
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